We Offer Readily Available Venture Capital and Project Financing

We provide a variety of businesses with the financial resources necessary to close deals and maximize profits.

We offer readily available venture capital and project financing to domestic and international firms for research and development, real estate acquisitions, expansion, and investments.

We Supply Our Clients with the essential tools they need to pursue lasting capital appreciation.


The original sector of the company, founded in 1957, continues to go strong. In fact, due to rising loan to deposit ratios at many institutions, we are seeing a rise in the number and size of transactions.

Have you seen the ads recently for banks offering cars to people who open certain sized depository accounts? Banks need deposits more than ever to make loans.

If you have clients with a bankable loan and offer the bank a compensating balance deposit to ensure it is funded, this is a great marriage.

Although the majority of the requests we see are from $100,000.00 to $5,000,000.00, we are currently seeing many in the $10,000,000.00 and up arena.

As a side note, we have four MFR deposit transactions that just rolled over for the 12th year in a row. This has provided a great annuity for the agent involved.

The most recent development to dramatically affect our Borrowing Made Easier program was the extension of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which gives depositors up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance coverage until December 31, 2013.

This change makes it much easier and faster to complete larger transactions.


We offer business consulting, financing, and full-service investment packages to state, government, and private sector companies anywhere on the planet.

If you have a relationship with a bank and they need deposits, do not hesitate to call us. These deposits do not need a transaction associated with them.

Although we can focus primarily on compensating balance deposits in our literature, we do make straight brokered deposits into banks. In fact, almost all banks in this country are now carrying some level of brokered deposits.

Prime Market Financing

We can assure you great rates through our vast resources for your prime market customers, which translates into maximization of growth potential.

Sup-Prime Market Financing

Qualified clients may be granted excellent sub‑prime deals for little or no money down through our well-established relations with lenders.

Locating and Purchasing

As you provide us with your venture specifics, we may be of service among more than just financing. Our extensive resources are also available to your disposal.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

With years of experience, our expert sales and marketing team is prepared with innovative and proven strategies to improve your bottom line and help your company gain greater exposure.

Inventory Tracking

We can customize and manage an inventory database to assist you, as a LionsGate client, with tracking, thereby freeing up valuable time and resources to be utilized where you need them.


In addition to your financial options, our professionals are ready to customize and elevate your business with an array of services, solutions, and products according to your needs.



LionsGate Funding Group understands the needs of our clients and is positioned to serve those needs. We recognize that you may need to secure financing for your clients as well as extend your professional network to achieve your business goals.

We have already done the hard work and have an extensive network that you may become a part of. It takes many years and financial capital to develop the presence we have, and it is available to you immediately as a client.

The exposure you’ll gain upon becoming a client will translate into a guaranteed increase to your bottom line.


As a collaborated partnership effort, we provide leverage capital for a variety of investment grade and principal protected funding transactions. These include but are not limited to:

Investment programs/trading platforms/matched trading

Funding against or monetization of investment grade notes

Real estate funding and consulting

Capital funding secured by documentary letters of credit

Commercial projects that are backed by financial guarantee bonds

Credit/withdrawal facilities where permitted investments are defined as replacement collateral acceptable to the financial institution

Bridge and Mezzanine financing where there is an acceptable investment grade takeout

Balance sheet enhancements including show money, proofs of funds, etc. (because of the 25 to 1 leverage our partnership provides, this remains our most active and highest volume area of business)

The key principles to remember when considering use of this capital are:

Our funds must remain in an investment grade or principal protected position.

The contemplated transaction must be legal.

You must have the ability to cover the initial cost of capital (usually 4 points).

We can place capital in almost any domestic or international financial institution that is rated investment grade (A1/P1 or better).

The LionsGate Funding Group includes our own capital, as well as individual, private, and institutional capital. Our minimum transaction size is $5.0 million, and we can handle transactions well over $500 million.

If you have a transaction that you think can utilize this capital, you should contact us. We have considerable experience and expertise in capital markets and finance.

Combining our expertise and creativity, we will work to ensure a good fit between your transaction and our capital.

We maintain Prime Broker Status with several major financial institutions, operate as a QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyer), and have access to several TFI (taxable fixed income) desks at the major brokerage houses.

We also have considerable experience in bond underwriting, including 144A offerings. We look forward to hearing from you and forming a mutually profitable relationship.


What is Stapled Financing?

“Stapled financing” colloquially refers to the commitment letter and term sheet provided by a target company’s financial advisor containing the principal terms of a financing package that is “stapled” to the back of the offering materials prepared by such advisors and distributed to potential bidders.

The financing is generally not required to be utilized by the buyer, and it arises in connection with the sale of both public and private companies, including subsidiaries and divisions.


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